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WTMAS Seminars August 2020

KAIZENKAI OPEN INTERNATIONAL SUMMERCAMP, 7-9 of August 2020 in Marina di Sorso, Sardinia, Italy


1-3 days of excellent training in Okinawa karate and kobudo with Bo, Sai and Tonfa as well as Mugairyu iaido & Hachimanryu battojutsu and Jujitsu. You can train only one day or over the weekend after your choice.


  • You will train with soke Leif Hermansson, 57 years of training in Martial Arts, 52 trips to Japan and Okinawa for training.
    Promoted in Okinawa, Japan by Okinawan masters and organizations to 10 dan hanshi karatejutsu and Okinawa kobujutsu, Okuden in Mugairyu iaido & Hachimanryu battojutsu.
  • You can also train with other masters that will be invited later

For whom?

These are the seminars for everyone, both the beginners and the masters who like to learn more to be better in his or her own skills.
Professional teaching for small groups in nice and relax atmosphere!


We will train at Li Nibari Camping – Village in Marina di Sorso, Sardinia, just 50 meter from the sea and a beautiful beach there you can swim after the training if you like.
Nearest big city is named Sassari. Where to stay?
At Li Nibari Camping – Village there you can have a tent or rent a Mobilhome for 99-109 euro for 4 persons or a Bungalow for 2-4 persons for 80-95 euro a day.
More information and bookings by


  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 -10.30 iaido

  • 18:00 - 20:00 karate or kobudo.

Training fees:

For one session 200 SEK/20 euro, or 900 SEK/90 euro for the weekend (Fri-Su)
for all 3 days to pay in cash or swich with the start of the training camp.


no later 1st of August by e-mail to:
but we recommend that you book your flight and bungalow or mobilhome as soon as possible.

How to get there

How to get there By flight, car or scooter. If you are coming outside of Sardinia you can come from anywhere by flight to Alghero airport or Olbia airport or ferry from Barcelona, Nice, Genoa or Marseille to the Porto Torres that is only 10 km to the west from the camping.
Flight: For those who are from Sweden there are cheap flights by Ryanair or TUI to Alghero or Norwegian and SAS to Olbia.
You can also check out other flights or days if you need and you have to book your own flights anyway.

To bring with you

Bring your own Gi and/or Hakama and Sai, Tonfa and iaito with you, if you will train with them. If you don´t have weapons we have some Bo and Bokken you can use.


We have a transport service from Alghero airport (45 min to the camp) to the camping before the seminar and from camping to the airport after the seminar. Let us know if you need a transport and what day/time. If your flight is to Olbia airport (2 hours to the camp) you need to hire a car for your self.